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#001 Introduction
#002 77th Tank Regiment - On the road: Individual stories of traveling to the Unit or Front: 1941 - 2005
#003 Archived Morning Reports
#004 Listing of Combat Casualties/Injuries by company/date from MRs
#005 Listing of Promotions by company/date from MRs
#006 Listing of Awards/Citations/Medals (not compiled form MRs)
#007 Archived Unit Rosters
#008 "On the lighter side" ........ - Declaration of Arrival -
#009 Unit Decorations
#010 Memories from members of the 77th Tank Regiment.
#011 NEWS ITEMS on War History
#012 Membership Passings
#013 Member Trips/News
#014 Mortar Platoon fire of August 6-7, 1969
#015 Cleft Pallet Child - A Vietnam Story by Floyd Robertson

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