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The Steel Tigers 1/77th Armor Association, has some unit Morning Reports in its archives available to you upon request. These reports have been requested from the Military Personnel Records Center in St Louis and will be of interest to you. Due to website size restrictions, we are unable to publish all documents. Information typically found on a report is shown in the first section, labeled 'Morning Report'. This information is not shown in its original format.

MRs available to you from the Association are listed below by date and unit under the section labeled 'Archived MRs'. This listing will be updated as additional documents become available to the Association. Association members may request any date not listed by contacting your Historian, or you may contact the center directly. Either way, please allow weeks or in some cases, months, to receive the copies. Sections, Combat

Casualties/Injuries and Promotions is data compiled from MRs. The last section is compiled from additional data sent in by the membership.

Documents are photo copied at the center by its employees. Some are of poor quality, and therefore difficult to read. Information typically found is, the unit, date, strength, losses, dates of promotions, types of casualties, unit actions, etc. This is signed off by the unit commanding officer.

Note: Some records are difficult to transcribe. Information is a " best guess" of the transcriber in some cases.
Note: If you have papers/documents/awards/logs/diaries/letters, etc that you would like to archive with the 1/77 Association contact the Historian.

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