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Memories from members of the 77th Tank Regiment.

This came from George E Goebel. He was a member of Hq Platoon in June 1950.
Unit: Tank Co. 31st Inf.Reg 7th Div.

Comments: To my knowledge the 77th Med Tank Battalion was stationed on the
northern island of Japan and was split into the 17th, 31st, and 32nd Infantry Divisions as
tank companies when the Korean War broke out. The 77th Tank Battalion was deactivated and was kept on paper only. The 77th was split into these 3 regiments as I was told by our company
commander. I was with the 77th tank battalion in Japan and I understand we were the last ones to leave the 77th and be attached to the 31st Inf. Regiment. A W.O. was put in charge of the 77th Tank Battalion on paper, and he also went to Korea with the rest of us in the 31st in September of 1950.

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