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Listing of Combat Casualties/Injuries by company/date from MRs


A Company
13 Sept 68 - Deckard, Fred H received loss of fingers on right hand

from falling hatch. Reassigned USARV Pat Cas Co atch Co B Med 3rd Mar Div.

13 Sept 68 - Trainer, Charles W received mortar fragment to hand.

16 Sept 68 - Bently, Donald R injured on 12 Sept 68 assigned Co B

75th Supt with small fragment in left eye lid.

17 Sept 68 - Davis, James C received mortar fragment wounds to left

arm non-evac.

19 Jan 69 - Huber, Denny C reassigned to USARV Pat Cas Co, Atch Co

B 75th Supt

B Company

C Company

16 Sept 68 - Bowden, Raymond reassigned to USARV Pat Cas Co Atch 3rd

Mar Div (shrapnel wounds, back left arm)

D Company


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