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Iraq Era Gallery

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CPT Jim Mullin
Christmas Day 2003
Ba' Qubah, Iraq

LTC Hubner addressing the troops of TF 1-77AR at Camp New York, Kuwait

C Company, 1/77 Armour "House of Pain" trained up and ready to go.

Charlie Rock Chain of Command fit and ready

Photo by: Steve Liewer / S&S
"Headquarters 63," an M1A1 Abrams tank belonging to Task Force 1-77, has been out of action for days because of a broken part. Less than two weeks into its mission at Forward Operating Base Paliwoda, a lack of spare parts is plaguing the task force.

Photo by: Steve Liewer / S&S
Pfc. James Cobb, 22, left, and Sgt. Phillip Bock, 27, build furniture for the mechanics shop when they are not repairing Task Force 1-77's vehicles.

Photo by: Steve Liewer / S&S
Spc. Ryan Wilson, 22, of Eldorado Springs, Mo., left, and Spc. Alejandro Mendez, 23, of Parlier, Calif., both members of Task Force 1-77’s mortar platoon, set up a mortar tube at Forward Operating Base Paliwoda in Balad, Iraq. The counter-mortar battery is critical to the success of the mission at a base that frequently has been mortared in the past.

Photo by: Steve Liewer / S&S
Sgt. Franklin D. Fink, 31, of Andover, Ohio, stands guard at the front gate to Company B's side of Task Force 1-77's camp, Forward Operating Base Paliwoda.

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