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Kosovo Era Gallery

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Kosovo 2001
A USO tour by the Washington Redskins cheerleaders was a high point of the deployment.

Kosovo 2001
Charlie Company tankers and their German Army counterparts conducted a joint live fire exercise with service HEAT ammunition at Falcon 4 range near Camp Bondsteel- the targets were former Serb Army T55 tanks. The soldiers also got to fire the other army's equipment.

Kosovo 2001
SSG Riley, SGT Huerta, PFC Cox, PFC Hylton, PFC McDonald, and PFC Cserfoi at Camp Monteith

Kosovo 2001
3rd platoon, C Co. 1-77 poses at the Serbian monument at Kosovo Polje battlefield in June of 2002. L-R standing: SFC Cooley (Platoon Sergeant), SPC Cserfoi, PVT Lukas, SSG Riley, PFC Gordon, Aleks Jovanoski (Serb interpreter), PFC Hylton, Bekim Rogaci (Albanian interpreter), PFC MacDonald, SPC Brooks, SPC Wethington, SSG Clement, 1LT Martel (Platoon Leader). Kneeling L-R: PFC Cox, SGT Begay, SPC Huerta.

Kosovo 2001
SSG Shelby Clement speaks to a Kosovar local, with the assistance of interpreter Aleks Jovanoski, in the village of Pones, Kosovo

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