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1st Battalion, 77th Armor, 1969-1970
Used with permission of
The Company of Military Historians Headquarters

Late 1968 or early 1969, Co. A, 2nd Plt. Tk during operations on the coast east of Hai Lang (LZ Sandy).

The tank commander is Captain Darrell Blalock, the Company C Commander. The bridge, just downstream of this shot had been washed out by a big flood. It was the main supply route to our units in the north. The engineers came in and built a floating bridge at this site. Later the 1/77th moved out of Cam Lo combat base and moved to LZ Nancy. August 1968.

...the only tank with a front bumper!
The tanker working on the track is Jerry Ogren. Photo taken at LZ Sharon early 1969. CO Jerry Brown's tank #66 of Company A.

Gary McCollough sees over a tire charge on
Route 9. This picture was taken in route to LZ Van DerGiff. Gary was catching up to his assigned unit, now operating in the Khe Sanh area (Operation Remagen). Gary perished on May 25th, 1969 at LZ Sandy, during an attack on the fire support base. An RPG round hit the hinge of the open loaders hatch while Gary was servicing the weapons system. Gary was a loader for 2nd Platoon, Company A. Photo taken on April 22nd, 1969.

Jerry Ogren sitting in the commander's hatch.
Jerry was the gunner of tank #66. Later he was assigned to tank #65 as it's commander. Jerry perished on September 16th, 1969 in the A-4 FSB, during a day time rocket attack. He was a member of Company A, Headquarters Tank Section. Photo taken at LZ Nancy early/mid 1969.

Cpt. James W. Herrington, seen here mounting his M-60 tank. Jim was the first CO for A company in RVN. This photo was taken during training at Fort Carson, Colorado. 1/77 trained on the M-60 tank. M-48A3Cs were in short supply after the '68 Tet offensive. Jim has passed on sometime after leaving the service

Cpt. Matt Spruill is seen here next to his tank. Matt was the third CO for A company. After just a few months with A company, he was CO of ATrp 4/12 Cav. This photo was taken during the summer of '69 at LZ Nancy.

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