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A company tank crew #66, with cook. (L to R)
Thomas McCauley, Gary Goodwin, Ron Parrett and John Kenny, a cook from D company. John was attached to A company for his entire tour. He passed on a few weeks after returning home. This photo was taken September 1968 at C-3 near Cam Lo.

1st Lt Charles "Chuck" H Winslow. This photo was taken in A company's club, at LZ Nancy mid '69. Chuck was 1st Platoon leader, XO, and acting CO before leaving the unit in fall of '69. One of Chuck's other duties while serving with the company, was the beverage supply to the unit's club, and keeping the books on incoming and out going beverages. During the period of 2003 to 2009 Chuck served as Quartermaster, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-president and President. He was responsible for registering the URL and was instrumental in setting up this website.

Philip Venson tank crewman, 3rd Platoon A Company. He is seen on the rear deck of Tank 31 northeast of Hai Lang (LZ Sandy). Operations in the coastal areas proved to be hard on drive sprockets and tracks due to excessive wear caused by sand. Phil was best known for his ability in fulfilling part requisition lists. Photo taken by Kevin Dunne late '68, early '69.

Operation Remagen April 1969. Company A 3rd Platoon tank.
Photo by Kevin Dunne.

Dave Lacey Tank 31 driver, A Company. Dave sits here on the main gun tube enjoying a cool beverage. Dave perished in the early morning hours of April 25th, 1969 southwest of Khe Sanh during Operator Remagen. Photo taken by Kevin Dunne, early 1969.

Operation Remagen Spring 1969. This view from tank A-34 shows A-9 pulled up between two 3rd Platoon tanks. Mechanical problems with armored vehicles during extended operations such has Remagen, in the Khe Sanh area was something unit commanders had to deal with.
Support of maneuver units proved to be a challenge for 1/77 Armor maintenance and support personnel. This was met with excellence and determination. A job well done. Photo by Kevin Dunne April 1969.

Operation Remagen. Vehicles of 1/77th Armor on QL-9 closing on the Khe Sanh area. This view from the drivers hatch of A-34 shows a M60 AVLB placing its 60 foot span folding scissors bridge over the upper Quang Tri River in mid April
'69. Seen waiting to cross is a VTR A-9 (M-88) of A Company. Photo by Kevin Dunne April 1969.

LZ Sharon. The 3rd Platoon at camp during rains. The mud! Life in tents made tankers feel very exposed.
Photo by Kevin Dunne Jan 1969.

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