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Tank A-31 M-48A2C (power pack Mo-Gas) seen here at LZ Nancy. 1/77 Armor started receiving the refurbished M-48A3 (power pack diesel) has replacements of the A2s by late 1968. Over 11, 700 M-48s were manufactured during the 1950s.
Photo by Kevin Dunne Dec 1968.

Mine damage on Tank A-34 that occurred during Operation Sullivan September 13, 1968. Tank A-34 had backed over a mine in the Market Place area south of Hill 56. This occurred during the closing hours of the operation. No one was injured. Merton Teixeira (3rd PSG) was very concerned for his diver, Kevin Dunne. Kevin was not answering calls over the intercom. Kevin was having some problem with the switch on his CVC helmet. Operation Sullivan was the first ( and last) large armored mission of its type into the DMZ.
Photo by Kevin Dunne Sept 1968.

A-34 moving through the Phuoe Mon Village southwest of LZ Sharon (Napoleon Saline II/Marshall Mt). Photo by Kevin Dunne Jan 1969.

During Operation Napoleon Saline II/Marshall Mountain (Nov 1st '68 thru February '69 ) 1/77 Armor would pushed deep into the western hills. Seen here is a 3rd Platoon tank of A Company running up a road way to Nhu Le Village on the Thach Han River northwest of LZ Sharon. During this operation , 1/77 Armor would make its first attempt to cut a over land route to Ong Do Hill (LZ Ann 275 meters in elevation). On January 14th 1969 two reenforced tank platoons from Company A would make Hill 124, 2500 meters east of this old 1st Cav Fire Support Base LZ Ann. They were unable to fine a route for armored vehicles to the LZ and returned on the 16th. During a second attempt in early February by A Company's 2nd Platoon (reenforced)would reach the LZ. Photo by Kevin Dunne Jan 1969.

Chuck Winslow's tank, A-11 burned out (M-48A2C Gas power pack). During Operation Napoleon Saline II/AO Marshall Mountain, on December 1st, 1968, 1/77 Armor was operating west of LZ Nancy at the edge of Area 101. Lt. Winslow (with his boots off), while leading his 1st platoon on a tank trail and was hit by a command detonated mine. SP/4 Dick Cavanaugh was the driver who rescued the wounded William Ramige and Winslow. Cavanaugh was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor.

The tank burned all day. This was Jerry Brown's first operation commanding A Company. The Battalion CO had assured his new company commander this area very near the LZ had been quiet. Tank Photo by Jerry Brown Dec 1968.

Cooks from Company D. John Kenny and Smitty. LZ Nancy 1969. Photo by Jerry Brown.

1/77 Armor scout track on the coast. GI seen here in conversation with local residents. Date and photographer unknown.

A/3rd Platoon tank dragging A-10 track to LZ Sharon. The fierceness of the explosion below the commanders cupola some 75 feet in the air with TC G. Dubois. The track burned throughout to day. Photo by Kevin Dunne, Jan 16th,

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