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Wunder Beach area on the South China Sea. Date/Photographer unknown.

A-10 Command/Communications M-113 vehicle being removed from the battle area after hitting a large land mine. This was Gerry Dubois track. Stu Iverson driver, Bill Wliburn and Terry Yee on the M-60 guns. One engineer from Company 7th Eng Bn was on board. Name unknown. Photo by Kevin Dunne on January 16th, 1969.

Scout Platoon Leadership, from left to right: Sgt Billy Stewart, Sgt.Walter Riggs, Lt. Bruce Goldsmith, Sgt. Dick Makela (deceased), Sgt. Bobby Lyon Date: Mid 1969. Location: LZ Nancy. Photographer unknown

1/77 Armor operating in Area 101 west of LZ Nancy. Early to mid 1969. Photographer unknown.

A-10 C&C track. Second Platoon tank in the back ground. Note the blown hatches at all access points. Crew members had been sitting in the cargo when the land mine detonated just behind and to the left of the TC cupola. This occurred on returning from Hill 124 during the first attempt to reach LZ Ann (Ong Do Hill), Operation Napoleon Saline II/Marshall Mountain. Multiple tanks had negotiated a small tributary stream to the Thach Han River. The exit point was quite slick with mud. All vehicles prior to A-10 had straddled the mine. A-10 initial exit from the stream was in good order. Then slipped to the right loosing some traction. The left track
detonating the mine. January 16th, 1969. Photo by Kevin Dunne.

This is believe to be a 1st Platoon tank of A Company's 1/77 AR. It has been stated that the 3rd Platoon was looking for replacement parts once again. The 3rd always started with the 1st Platoon. Kevin Dunne took this photo showing the results of a spare parts retrieval mission. Probably headed up by Phil Venson 3rd Platoon scrounger. Ha! LZ Nancy 1969.

Platoon Sgt Merton Teixeira seen here in camouflage uniform with USMC gunney cap, on his tank A-34. Photo Kevin Dunne. LZ Nancy 1969.

A warn and very tired Jerry Brown (right). Probably tired of Bob Rushforth smoking (left). During Operation Napoleon Saline II/ AO Marshall Mountain 1968. Photographer unknown.

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