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Kendell Brown A Company Clerk. Thanksgiving 1968. Look at that grin before consuming the Army chow! The cooks did a fine job. We remember it was a great meal in all ways. Photo by Jerry Brown LZ Nancy.

Joe Wotruba A/2plt (letf) and Support Sgt John Kerns (right). These guys are in the process of restocking the beverage stores, or is it a removal? NZ Nancy 1968. Photo by CO Jerry Brown! Wow! This must have been an inspection by Jerry.

SP/5 John Theiss Hq Platoon stands next to A-10 at LZ Nacy 1968.

Gerry Dubois (left) TC for A-10 and Bill Wilburn (right) possibly changing a jeep tire. Bill was one of the M-60 gunners when A-10 hit a mine. Bill perished as a result of the attack and Gerry was severely wounded. Photo by Jerry Brown NZ Nancy 1968.

Battalion Command tank #66 (M48A2C) on the edges of Area 101 west of LZ Nancy. CO of A Company, Jerry Brown, speaking with the command group on issues at hand ...... 'ya know Sir, we had warm sodas again yesterday' Ha! Late 1968. Photo by Gary Goodwin.

This is an example of the NPC (military script) used by the 1/77Armor GIs during the early part of 1970. Photo by John W Hannum Co C 1/77 Ar.

Search and Destroy operation north of C-2 FSB. 2nd Platoon C-1/77Armor. 1970 photo by John Hannum.

1st Battalion 61st Mechanized Infantry Regiment APC (M-113) operating on the plains south of the DMZ 1970. Photo by John Hannum C Co 1/77 Ar.

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