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'Tracks off! Road wheels damaged! Over!' John Hannum standing in a crater made by an anti/tank mine. This second platoon tank from C Company ran into troubles just north of A-4 FSB (Con Thien). 1970 photographer unknown.
GIs from Company C 2nd platoon taking few moments for C-rations. This is during sweep operations west of C-2 FSB. 1970 photo by John Hannum Co C 1//77 Armor.

Some down time at the Quang Tri Combat Base 1970. Smith (center) and Bob Hawke (right) speaking of the weather and Army Chow perhaps. GI on the left unknown. Photo by John W Hannum Co C 1/77 Ar.

1970 accommodations for C Company 1/77 Armor at C-2 FSB. No improvement over previous years. Home sweet Home for John Hannum photographer.

RPG dud. 1970 photo by John Hannum Co C 1//77 Ar.

Bob Hawke (left) and Doc. Quang Tri 1970. Photo by John W Hannum C0 C 1/77 Ar.

Sgt Bailey (gunner/TC) takes a moment from his 50 cal MG to smile for the camera. He his seen here in the command cupola of tank C-21on a search and destroy operation north of Fire Support Base C-2 several miles south of the DMZ. Photo by John W Hannum C0 C 1/77

"I want to go Home" USO show at LZ Sharon 1969. Photo by Kevin Dunne

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