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Mine damage to A-34 during Operation Sullivan Friday September 13th, 1968 at the Market Place. Photo by Kevin Dunne.

Come Kevin look up and smile. Kevin Dunne 1969. Photographer unknown.

SP5 Kevin Dunne in front of A-34. LZ Sharon 1969. Photographer

M48A3 Patton Medium Tank. The yellow diamond and number identify this vehicle is part of A Company 3rd Platoon number 34 a Platoon Sgt Command tank. LZ Sharon. 1969 photo by Kevin Dunne.

3rd Platoon tanks from A Company 1/77 Armor. LZ Sharon. 1969 photo by Kevin Dunne.

M88 VTR (vehicle/tank/recovery) A-9 from A Company. LZ Sharon. 1969 photo Kevin Dunne.

SP/5 Phil Venson & Sgt/5 Dave 'Chief' Hargrove are seen here servicing the 50 cal MG on tank 31.1969 photo by Kevin Dunne.

USO Show at LZ Nancy May Or June '69 Girl had gotten hurt and still went on with the show

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