Steel Tigers 1/77th ARMOR ASSOCIATION


Volume 4
January 2003
Standing Firm Then
Standing Firm Now

Words from our President…Jerry Brown:

Mounted Warriors of the 77th Armor Regiment Assemble in Colorado Springs
July 24-27, 2003…Jerry Brown

2003 is finally here and this is the year for our next 1/77th Armor Reunion. The first two reunions were great events that were completely organized and run by Patricia Johnson and Tom Rosser. Patricia and Tom are the founders of the Steel Tigers, 1/77th Armor Association and they will always have a special place in our hearts and we intend to honor them both at the Reunion Banquet.

The 1/77th Armor Reunion Committee, Bruce Goldsmith, Leonard Renoux, and Pat Sullivan, have put together an outstanding lineup of events. The Reunion will be held in Colorado Springs, CO, near Fort Carson. Colorado Springs is a great place to take a break because it is such a beautiful area and has loads of things to do and see.

To those who have not attended a 1/77 Armor reunion, I highly recommend it. In my experience, the last two Reunions have been more like family reunions than a gathering of old warriors. Since I had never attended a veteran's type reunion before the Reunion at Ft. Knox in 2000, I did not know what to expect. I had nothing in my data files to download and 31 years had passed since I had last seen or talked to these men.

Back in April 2000, when Patricia first contacted me, I was highly suspicious. What I came to realize is that she really did care about us old Vietnam Vets and she was a woman of action. In just a few months, with the help of Tom Rosser, they did the impossible; they organized a Reunion and over 100 veterans and their family members showed up. Men brought their wives, children, and grandchildren.

It is difficult to explain what draws old warriors to such activities. It is not an ego trip that gives one a free ride to brag, but instead every man I talked to considered themselves humbled by their wartime experience. There was much laughter, hugs, and some tears. Those bonds that were forged so many years ago by the fire of combat were still very strong. Mostly men reminisced about the good times and special friendships developed during the hardships of war.

There was enough time to talk and socialize on a personal basis and there were other special activities planned because after awhile our jaw muscles needed a rest. The wives and other family members appreciated a break also.

One of the most memorable experiences was the dedication of the 1/77th Armor Memorial at Ft. Knox. Patricia had much difficulty in coordinating Post support for our service, but like a bulldog, she would not let go until the Army provided the support. As at previous Reunions, we will remember those 1/77th Armor men who died in the service of their country.

All in all, Kathie and I had a super time. I had an opportunity to talk to men who I respect and admire, and with men who shared a living space smaller than a "Volkswagen Bug" for several months. I had an opportunity to make new friends and to catch up on the lives of old friends.

This year, at the business meeting, there is some important business that will need to be conducted such as ratification of the Association Constitution and elections of new officers. We will need good men to lead the Association over the next two years, so please consider volunteering for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chairman, Chaplain, and Judge Advocate.

I hope you will consider coming this year. If you are coming, register early. See you at the Reunion. We are going to have a great time…God Bless America and the American Soldier.

Jerry A. Brown…President

A Word from our Founder…Tom Rosser

Well, everyone it's getting closer to July 24th, the start of the 1/77th Armor reunion in Colorado Springs, Co. When I started looking for my tank crew I never dreamed it would turn into what it has. God Bless you Patricia Johnson. This will be our 3rd reunion and hopefully the biggest and best. For you tankers that have never been to Colo. Springs or Ft. Carson, it's a beautiful city with a lot to do and see. As you all know Ft. Carson is where the 5th shipped out from in July of '68. A lot of us are excited about seeing the city and base again. I hope all of you that have never been there are looking forward to going also. After all, the 1/77th Armor reunions are for all of you no matter where you shipped out from.

For you first timers that are coming and those that are undecided, I can truly say that you won't be disappointed. Some of you might have fears about old memories rising. Judging from the first two reunions and watching old buddies reunite for the first time; the memories will be good ones. It's hard to describe the feelings we all have when seeing our buddies for the first time in 30 odd years. For me it was an experience I will never forget and I hope you will feel the same way. So, if you're having any thoughts about not attending please put them aside. I know you'll have a great time.

I hope everyone is looking for your buddies that haven't been found yet to get the word out about the reunion. Let's make this the biggest reunion yet. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of new faces in July.

Thanks…Tom Rosser, C Co. 3rd Platoon 68/69